We all have our own Systems that we use to do things.

I.e., how we structure our files, create new projects, do error handling, log errors, etc.

It generally gets the response of – “that’s just how I do it”.

When you’re running Solo, the System of One works great because the only evaluating party is yourself is you.

You get to decide whether it’s worth it or not, how it helps you, and what value you get from it.

But when you scale to two, three, or more, the System of One can’t function when that workload needs to be shared with your team.

Where many get stuck on the System of One is trying to hold onto it because it’s what they know and what they are good at while the rest of the team starts to build additional processes and systems around them to do something similar but at a scaled level.

(If that last bit was hard to read and you had to do it a few times, that’s the idea, because it is hard to read and follow when you’re doing it in real-life).


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