Incremental training investments will ALWAYS beat out the week-long conference, the half-day marathon leadership session, the full-day retreat – those are still good “things” to train at, but they are not the training that will push you forward.

Kobe Bryant gives a great talk on this (less than 2 mins).  I’m not advocating for getting up at 3am to train, but the message is pure and simple – you put in 30 minutes today, that’s 30 minutes you didn’t put in yesterday – you keep putting in that time 3 – 4 days over the course of a week, that’s almost 2 hours you didn’t do last week.

Eight hours a month adds up to 96 hours over the course of a year – that is almost 3x your investment in a conference.

The best part of the video is what happens month over month, year over year as you grow and separate yourself from where you are now, to where you are going.

That’s where it all comes together, that’s why the increments will always win.

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