To do all the work you need to do, you need to have a connected environment to a network that not only lets you work on that particular task, but it opens a dizzying array of other things you can be doing.

Watching YouTube while you work.

Incoming messages coming at you.

Seeing twitter updates scroll in.

Seeing newsfeeds update.

Now more than ever it is a task in itself to get yourself to focus on what you need to do and just do that one singular thing.  The time it takes us to do tasks has invariably grown over the last few years as we are bombarded.  We long for the days when we had no interruptions and yet we aren’t willing to get rid of them – we leave them there because, in any one of them, there could be a kernel of knowledge that makes us go – “that was useful” – but more times there isn’t.

You can teach all other skills, but finding someone that can focus?  That’s going to become the new super skill.

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