Building a Great Team is about finding complementary pieces that make your group stronger than if they were alone.

You don’t need 4 full-stack developers, you need two front-end, a middle, and a back-end developer – and you don’t need to full those requirements with four AIs hoping they crank out something that is amazing.

Maybe not that precise mix but you get the idea, you don’t need drones, you need people, and you need perspectives and approaches that can grow your team.

AI will never be a great team, it might be components, but it won’t be THE great team that we talk about after work while we think of all we delivered and how we got it done.  Perhaps it can contribute, but it can’t do what your team does, it doesn’t have that magic that your team has, and it doesn’t know what went into building it to make it work and sing together.

AI will not replace how you build a team, how you lead and grow them, don’t forget that.

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