When you’re building a house, you can’t change everything as you’re building it.

You can’t just start adding rooms without having a foundation to support them.  Once the plumbing is installed, you can’t move toilets and showers, and bathrooms altogether.  If you started off with a 3 bedroom plan, going to 5 is going to be a challenge to build something with all the same amenities.

That’s how it is, you have a plan, a path, a pattern – you need to follow it.  There is room for deviation and creativity – oh look we could use this small space and make a bookshelf, or hey in the backyard we can do a deck or maybe make a closet bigger.

But we’re still on the plan, still following the pattern, still creating value.

When you start deviating from the plan, the pattern, you are no longer creating value, you’re creating something else.  This is okay, as long as you’re fine with what you are building is not what you set out to do.


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