Are too many tasks coming your way?

Is your sprint board weighted down with work you will never get to?

Do you start each sprint going – “not a chance”?

Are you not sure where to start next or what to do?

Sounds like you’re on the verge of being overloaded.

The problem is, no one else knows, because we all hide it so well, because we all have varying levels of overload, and because we all dread that our team, the people we trust, might look at us and say – “what do you mean they can’t handle it?”.

Being overloaded is good, it means you’re in demand.

Managing overload is 1000x better.

Tell them you’re busy.

Push out that work until you can really focus on it.

Give yourself the time to do the best job that they are coming to you for pre-overload.

It’s not a bad decision, it’s simply the decision that results in you still doing the best work you can do.

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