There are lots of articles and blogs out there that start with…

“How to get out of…”

“Why you shouldn’t attend…”

“How to avoid…”

“Skip this if you can…”

The content is generally the same and focuses on how you shouldn’t attend specific meetings.

What it comes down to in any of these cases, all the time is and always will be valued.

Do you bring value to the meeting?  Talk with who set it up, maybe you are missing something?

Are you not sure what the point of the meeting is?  Talk with the organizer, maybe they have a focus in mind that you can’t see.

Don’t think it’s worth your time?  Ask yourself what would make it worth your time and whether that is possible.

Meetings are about value, the onus is on not only the organizer but the presenter and the attendee to ensure that everyone is in a position to derive and generate value.

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