I’ve started to see more and more articles cropping up on delivery teams.  I have yet to write my own but this is great to see.  I’ve been using the term for a few years now as I’ve worked with more and more teams on the software delivery front.

The idea for it came from the idea that it takes multiple roles to deliver a software solution, in a small company those roles can overlap and be handled by multiple people yet are always critical to the overall delivery – i.e., none can be missed.

But at the heart of a delivery team are the people that are responsible for what goes out the door, each one having their own piece of ownership for what matters.

The delivery team is greater than the developers, it’s the QA, the Product Managers, the Support, the Sales, the Marketing – all of them are part of the delivery and key to its success.

Delivery teams have been around for a long time, it’s great to see them getting their due.

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