I dread being in a meeting with a ton of people I’ve never met because I know it’s coming, the statement that is going to make everyone groan in unison.

“Why don’t we go around the room and introduce ourselves!”

Truth be told, I’ve never been great at introducing myself, I don’t know why – I mumble some words, hear someone else’s great intro, and then go – “wow that’s amazing” – but I’m still left going – I have no idea why you’re here.

If you’re in a hierarchical culture, that intro might turn into a game of “who has the longest title.”

A better approach, that gets people invested right off the bat.

“What’s your name, what are you looking to contribute to today’s meeting and what do you want to leave with?”

Now I know who you are, now I know what you’re bringing, now I know what I need to give you and now I know that if I’m not contributing to this meeting and I don’t care what I get out of it – I probably don’t need to be here.

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