I do everything by way of the Internet.

Very little I do does not require the cloud or internet or need to be synced up once back online.

Writing Blogs, Writing Articles, connecting to cloud services, writing code, combing discussion forums, finding inspiration, all of it – requires a connection.

Going offline is not as easy as it once was where I could take a high-powered laptop, load it up with Virtual Images, and work disconnected.

So when the connection drops, as it did yesterday, for a few hours, everything backs up, and the machine comes to a stop, waiting for that connection to come back on.

And it makes me wonder if that’s how I feel in losing internet for a few hours, how does it impact those much larger than me who have so much connection running on things that without they have nothing?

The goal still is, can you survive without the connection, can you still create and build.

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