The easy way is to put a popup in someone’s face after they have completed working on a task.

You probably won’t get the best response (especially if the task they just completed didn’t work the way they expected).

It’s also not best to ask immediately after they log in (they did after all just start working and probably haven’t got to anything).

Also, don’t call them from some random 800 number, everyone ignores those now.

Popup chat is also not great when they are in the middle of an outage.

If you want people’s feedback, if you want their thoughtful feedback, their responsive feedback, the first thing you’re going to have to realize is that it can’t be some random person from support calling to ask them for their time – it has to be someone connected with the product – a product manager, an owner, gasp – even a developer “hey how do you like what I wrote for you?”

Now you’ll have their attention, you can start that with an email, because when an email arrives that doesn’t have a case number in it, from a legit email address, you know it’s going to be something of value.

Everyone has feedback to give, we all want to know it’s going to someone who cares, taking notes manually, and not some random database.

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