It’s going to happen.

You are going to think you are on the right path, you are going to pick the choice that best fits, you are going to invest in the project that is going to yield big time for you.

You are going to be on the right path.

Until you are not.

Until you find something that pushes you off the path.

Until something comes up that renders it impossible.

This is the moment where you will have picked the wrong path.

To get back on track you should do the following;

  1. Take a second to be mad, frustrated, and angry (get it out now).
  2. Move forward.

We get stuck in #1, not always because of ourselves, but because of everything surrounding us…

“You promised this would work” – I said I’d try.

“We committed to this” – So did I.

“Now what do we do?” – We move forward.

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