Imagine your team builds houses akin to how they write code.

Some questions to ask;

  1. How long would it stand the test of time?
  2. What issues would appear immediately?
  3. What would work well?
  4. Would it align with what your users wanted?
  5. Would it ship completed?
  6. Would it be finished early or late?

You can come up with more/less questions, the point of the exercise isn’t to take your team down a notch – the goal is to realize we all like living in strong houses that do what they are supposed to do (keep us safe, give us a place to live and work, etc, etc), increase in value with minimal fixes to be made (not renovations).

How does our code compare to a house?

It’s a fun exercise, great for laughs and setting the way forward for what your team needs to focus on moving forward in new products and deliveries.

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