I have a similar picture from when my children were young, we had bought new chairs and had all these boxes so we made this weird box fort in the basement that they could draw on, hang out in, eat, have snacks, etc, etc. It’s where creativity is born.

I’ve held off on adding new categories to my posts for a while now as I generally think what you do comes down to behaviors of work that you do, but I know I’ve been writing about different areas of work that I’d like to bring more to the forefront and I’m also looking to change some of the content that I’ll be writing about. You’ll start seeing new categories such as Team (for remote,…

Logs are the lifeblood of any application you create. If your logs are garbage and make no sense, debugging issues when they arise (because they will arise), will be near impossible. Generic Error Codes, readable information, and elevated error states allow you to filter out what you need and diagnose information quickly. If you’re spending hours and hours to find out what went wrong, you missed something in your initial build.

This was the idea behind Agile when it was introduced (written out better than I ever could). But how often do you revisit each one to see how you are doing and where you are with each one? How many of these “steps” have you taken?  Where are you in each one? It’s more than a Sprint but less than a project.  It’s a change that doesn’t happen overnight. When I work with teams that…