There is nothing cool about Scheduled Backups and Disaster Recovery… Until something goes wrong. And then they are the coolest thing in the world as they get you back up and running and bring you back to life. Many other things you might do, might not be the cool, sexy thing to do, but when the chips are down, you’re going to be glad you did them – keeping your resume and profile up-to-date, learning…

I originally titled this “Components of a Great Sprint Retrospective” – but behaviors is the better word. You can have all the processes and systems you want but at the end of the day, it’s the behaviors that the team excuses that make a team’s Sprint Retrospective successful.

Whether it’s code, test cases, or requirements. Trust what you have built, and how you have built it, and share it with others. There is nothing to hide from having done an incredible job that you have poured everything into.

Everything will go wrong. Despite your best efforts. It, or something like it, will not go your way. The question isn’t about how you are going to react when things go wrong. The question is whether you are going to keep working towards getting that one thing right.

There are no more linear paths anymore. Take two people in the same job and guaranteed they did not take the same path to get there. Even if they went to the same school, in the same program, they probably did a different placement, or took a course during the summer or a different set of electives which shaped their path differently. Or perhaps they taught themselves all the magic and conjured up their own…