Writing new code is a great release for whatever is ailing you. It’s that moment when we go from having nothing to creating something that absolutely knocks our socks off. It can be 2 or it can 100 lines, but at the end of the day it is code and if it runs, you created something.

Establishing a habit takes effort, we have to push, we have to have focus, we have to try everything once, twice, thrice, and go back and try again. And then we break the habit, then it stops, and we’re not sure what happened, but it breaks and we have to start again.  Only this time, the skills we used to start the habit aren’t going to be the same, instead, we’re going to have to…

There is an Instagram post making the rounds of a metal ball that takes three paths to get to a location. One is linear, with no obstacles, and no dips and the other two have varied paths going up and down. In the end, the paths that go up and down succeed and finish “first”.  Not that being first is the goal, the purpose is to show that the straight, clear path isn’t always the…

At the core of being driven to accomplish a task will always be your attitude. If you are constantly complaining, whining, and making excuses for the task at hand, then you are not driven.  You are simply plodding along on a course that is laid out for you. If you want to be driven, then you need to take control of the journey that is in front of  you and make it your own.

Run with it or let it go – no need to let that eat at you until there is nothing left. If you don’t want it, pass it along. But don’t give into the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” game – because that game just pushes you further to the edge.