We avoid the habits that help us like the plague. They take too much time to get going. They are not easy to start. Establishing the ritual is easily broken. Their commitment takes extra. So we avoid them, we push them away from the “work” that is easy to accomplish because it feels like we have still accomplished something, but it’s not the habit we want to accomplish, simply something. Don’t avoid them, figure them…

There is a direct correlation between the effort you put in and the result you will get. It might not be the result that you were hoping for or that you thought you would achieve. But it is the result that is much greater than if you had taken no effort at all.

If you can’t get them to trust each other if you can’t get them to find that common ground. How can you expect them to build an app? How can you expect them to build a system? How can they execute on your system? What will they do when things go wrong? Find the common ground, wherever it is, and start there.

“No, but I can learn it.” That’s all I need to hear in an interview, if I can hear that, I don’t need to dissect whether you know something or not or what level of syntax you know. That tells me that you are honest in what you know but you are driven to learn something new and contribute to our team by going beyond what is asked of you. What more could you want?