Remotely Prepared

My new project – if you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to work remotely – THIS – is the podcast you want to be listening to. Apart from witty banter between myself and Colin Harding we also have some great, great interviews lined up.

Tips to Excel at Remote Work with Shaun Coghlan (Guest Host!) Remotely Prepared

It's a first for Remotely Prepared – a Guest Host! And for our first episode, we were lucky enough to get friend of the podcast Shaun Coghlan! You'll remember Shaun Coghlan from last season, when we spoke to him about his experiences transitioning to a new job entirely remotely (and, ya know…during a pandemic). Greg & Shaun discussed Graeme Sharpe's recent article ( on tips and tricks for exceling at remote work. Check it out! Don't forget to subscribe, share and review so we can get the word out to more 'Upside Down Offic-ers'. Have a comment or idea for the show? Email us at or visit us at We'd love to hear from you. 
  1. Tips to Excel at Remote Work with Shaun Coghlan (Guest Host!)
  2. Remoting in Difficult Times
  3. Remoting with Two Jobs (Please Don‘t)
  4. The 4-Day Work Week
  5. 'Invest in your People' with Simran Chaudhry (Interview)

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