Invest in the Mundane

If cool powerpoint decks are not your speciality – buy one.

If running payroll is not your thing – find a partner that does it.

If your website is lacking that certain panache – find someone and pay them.

If your social media knowledge is limited to posting food pics – find someone who can broaden your horizon.

If designing a logo is outside your expertise – there are some great sites that take it from hours to minutes.

The point is, don’t waste your energy worrying about the mundane.  Invest in it and focus on the work that really matters your work.

You don’t need to do it all at once, do it as you need it, then keep iterating.

But definitely stop wasting your time on the mundane.

Three Components of Any Leadership Style

I’ve often been asked what Leadership style/method do I use as well as listening to what others prescribe.

I’ve always found this an odd question because I’ve always thought one of the great components of a great Leadership style is being able to switch up your style based on a variety of factors in play – environment, people, delivery, projects, – and many more.

However, if there are three components that I believe every Leader must possess it would be the following;

  1. Be Consistent – show up every day, try your best, follow what you say.
  2. Don’t Give up – being a leader is hard, there are good days and bad, change is hard for many but that’s on you.
  3. Listen – it’s hard when the chips are down and times are tough but listening is what enables you to focus on being consistent and not giving up.

I could add a few more about openness to change, disrupting current practices, trying new ideas, giving great feedback but I think these are all born from these three core components.

If you can do all of these, you are 80% of the way to becoming a great leader.

What’s Your Practice Plan?

In sports, you have a practice plan designed to help you work on the skills you need to improve on (and hopefully learn a few new things along the way).

The goal is for you to prepare for the big moments – the games – so you can do well and succeed.

And then we get older and forget.

Forget that we need to practice.

Forget that we need to hone our skills.

Forget that we need to keep learning more to help our team.

Forget that the only way we can keep better is through practice, practice, practice.

You don’t need a two hour a day, 7 day a week practice plan.

You can start at 15 minutes a day, maybe a few days a week and build up.

What matters is that you do more than write the plan and start putting it into action.

What is a Core Feature?

I had become very dismayed with the default podcast on my iPhone lately.

The biggest feature that was driving me over the edge was the “You haven’t listened to this in awhile, we’ve stopped downloading it” function which cannot be turned off.

There are two problems with the implementation this function;

  1. The assumption that I have not listened to casts in awhile because I have chosen not to do so (when this is wrong, the reason is I get busy sometimes).
  2. I cannot disable this function (a simple on/off switch).

The lesson I took from these problems is that if you’re building a feature in your software that is not core to its operation (and falls under the category of preferences) then there should be a way to toggle it on/off.

Sad side note: I have tried to use a number of other Podcast apps and sadly they all had their own quirks in relation to automatic downloading over wifi, subscriptions not being updated, ads galore, etc.

Happy side note: There is a market to build a better podcast app.

Getting it Right for One

Stop worrying about Getting it Right for all and start worrying about Getting it Right for One.

One size doesn’t fit all.

One approach won’t make everyone happy.

What worked for one, will not work for the other.

But maybe that one that you are focussing, will turn into two and that two into four and that four into eight, etc, etc, etc.

But you’ll never know unless you focus on that one first, because that one is where the magic happens, not with that 100,000.