So what do you think?

Is this what you want?

Am I on the right track?

Tough questions when via email, chat, voice or more importantly standing right in front of you asking you face-to-face.

If you are in the business of constantly being asked for feedback by your peers or direct reports than you should check out this piece written by Seth Godin on giving feedback.  It provides a great set of guidelines and suggestions on how to provide feedback to people on projects they are working on.

Having lived and breathed a lot of this over the past few months here is one thing I determined as both a leader and consumer of feedback – “Giving the one line, constant gushing praise is a Cop-Out” – the “yup it’s good”, “it’ll do” feedback is not helping people grow, at best they are a bit confused at worse they are downright lost.

Sometimes I don’t give feedback correctly because I’m in a rush – Cop-Out.

Sometimes I rush through it because I’m busy with more “urgent” matters – Cop-Out.

Sometimes I don’t understand what you wrote and don’t have the time to read it again – Cop-Out.

This is when you need to stop me and say – “No, I need to hear what you really think so I can better” – it’s only then that you truly will get better either by giving it and receiving it.

Remember, it’s the quality not, the quantity of the feedback that matters.

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