From the movie Apollo 13

I don’t care what anything was designed to do. I care about what it can do. – Gene Kranz

Achieving certifications, degrees, diplomas, etc take a considerable amount of time and effort and you should be congratulated (and/or congratulate those ) that have undertaken such an endeavour to push yourself further than others.

But you/we need to avoid falling into the trap where we quote our qualifications and use that as a shield to not answer the questions and fix the problem.  A few months ago I sent an inquiry to one of my daughter’s coaches on why she had not been given the opportunity to play a different position and the initial response was a four paragraph answer that stated their qualifications.  Nowhere in the email was there a mention of her concerns or when she could expect a change in position.  Conversely, the other coach responded very succinctly addressing the problem head-on, despite all of her qualifications.

To modify the above quote

I don’t care what you have been trained, taught or studied to do.  I care about how you are going to solve this problem. – Greg Thomas

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