Call it whatever you want, but let’s narrow it down to this little Indie film that opened up yesterday.

The hype has been growing since the release date was announced, tickets were purchased well in advance, days were planned around this moment, people have stood in line for weeks waiting for entrance, tools have been made to block spoilers.

And now…

… it’s passed.

Was the hype worth it?

Was it as good as you hoped?

Did you leave the theatre satisfied?

Would you want it go on for another 2 hours or days or weeks?

The day after any huge event, there are one of two streams of emotion;

  1. either an ongoing euphoria or the feeling of it not being good enough to what we expected.   OR
  2. it was okay, it was nice but could have been better, it was over-hyped and I didn’t really feel like I got what I invested in it for it to be worthy of my time, maybe next time it’ll be better.

Although not on such a grand scale, the release of a new piece of software generates the same feeling – coming into the office in the morning and everyone is cheering, patting each other on the back with you, thank you mails from end users are streaming in OR no one is looking up from their screens because someone found a really low-level bug, the placement of a field wasn’t quite what they wanted, the deployment took a little longer (in our indie film example, they ran out of popcorn, the line up was too long, the crowd was too loud, etc, etc).

You get the idea, the nitpicking has begun.

In the end though, what should matter  is what you make of that event that translates into what your team will immediately feed off of from that will set you up for success in the next one and gives you that boost to start writing new features today instead of waiting until Monday.  If you have to listen to someone gibber jabber about a missed colour scheme that only 2 people are complaining about, fine, but don’t let it bring down or ruin the success that you garnered in being able to ship something to Production that your team quite literally knocked out of the park… instead roll up your sleeves and get started in the next one buoyed by what you just accomplished.

And please, no spoilers.

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