I love it when someone says “I will do this” – that word “will” – it say so much about what someone is going to do;

  • They have passion and fortitude to get something done.
  • They are making a promise to finish something.
  • They have committed to make this “thing” a reality.
  • They have taken on the ownership to make this happen.

When I hear someone say that word, you can immediately look up to them and see that fire burning in their eyes – no further discussion is needed – it’s great.

Where does would come in?

Would originates from the person who didn’t step up when that thing was being handed out, they didn’t jump in with both feet, they didn’t give it their all.  Typically you hear this when something has gone wrong and the response sometimes heard is – “Well if it was me, I would have done this…” – after the fact, and when heard it resonates as;

  • I didn’t want to fail, so I hung back and waited.
  • All the variables and data are known, the decision is easy now.
  • Someone else tried, maybe more so, the project has shipped, maybe a little late, let me how I would have done it differently.

Both are valid, Would involves waiting where there can sometimes be a need for, sometimes in evaluation of oneself, where you have everything in front of you.  Will is the necessity to make something happen now, irrespective of what might happen but giving it all you have.

One operates in the present, the other in the past.

One is about trials and errors, the other about reports and analysis.

One is where you’ll learn some more and wish you would have done more.

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