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Do you want to break out?


Looking for that next pay hike?

Want to make a leap into a new position?

Doing what you’ve always done for the last few years?

Still don’t see where I’m going with this?

Look around at the people that have taken a leap and gone past you.  

Was their skillset so different than yours?  (You’re in the same organization, so doubtful)

Were they that much more likeable than you? (I can’t answer that)

Did they sit back and wait for something to happen? (Apparently not)

So how did they break out?

If I was to hazard a quick guess, any combination of the below (and probably more)…

  • Take on new projects
  • Reach for that stretch objective
  • Try something new
  • Train themselves
  • Learn a new software language
  • Volunteer

In short, they looked at where they are and where they wanted to be, they measured the distance and realized during the 9 – 5 they just weren’t going to get there as fast as they wanted to.  So they made a call, they made a call to do something that requires a little more effort, a little more grit and perhaps a few more tears, but in the end they got there and broke out.

Anyone can do it, but it’s your call.

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By Greg Thomas
Rambli Just my thoughts…

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