You know the person on your team that knocks it out of the park – all day, every day – they show up, deliver and leave you sitting at your screen thinking – “Wow, amazing, just wow”.

And you always ask yourself that one question – “How do I clone this person?”  or in more realistic terms – “How do I scale past one?”  And maybe this is you, running the solo company, making a go of it, you’re killing it in the market, but also killing yourself in the process.


And at some point you realize – I can only bill so much so now I need to either raise the rates because my time is that valuable or start sleeping less to produce more?  But then if I sleep less do I lose out on quality on the product of what I am trying to deliver?  And what if the product is me?

Sorry no easy answers on this one – no perfected time management principles that result in an aha moment of awakening.

Only one very simple question.

Will you scale by resources or by people?  If you scale by resources you are on more of a path towards product development, if you are scaling for people, well that’s great and can work very well, but then you are also in the dilemma of now figuring out how to Scale past your next one that you’ve brought on.

No simple answer, I could answer it a 100 different ways, but a scenario you need to be aware of when growing your company.



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