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I’ll Know it what I see It


Said the teacher to the student when the student asked what the answer to the math question was.

Said the doctor to the patient when the patient wanted to know the specifics of their open-heart surgery.

Said the Territory Manager to his sales team when asked what targets they were aiming for this year.

Said the Stakeholder to the developer when asked what do you want me to build.

Software Development is series of ongoing iterations and cycles with a goal towards constant, continuous improvement to building a great product.  But without the proper goals and direction in mind before the building commences what can a developer expected to developer but what they think is best, when in most cases it could be wrong.

It’s an excuse, an excuse to not dig deep and figure out what you really want, what you really expect, what you really need.

It’s an excuse focussed around putting this effort onto someone else.

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By Greg Thomas
Rambli Just my thoughts…

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