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Renegade – traitor, deserter, betrayer, dissenter.

Wow – much worse synonyms then I had originally thought when I started thinking about this, but alas there it is.

I read those four words and I immediately think about the impact towards people of taking those actions but in thinking it up saw it as something completely different…

  • Those who constantly break the status quo in search of something better (The Betrayer)?
  • Those that can’t let the argument of “this is how it’s always been” stand without trying to find something different (The Dissenter)
  • Those that choose to walk away from a project that is failing, knowing that it has simply become a Sunk Cost leader (The Deserter)
  • Those that throw out the Design Patterns that have proved themselves again and again and again for a model that eschews the framework to try something new (The Traitor)

The Renegades – the ones that always find a way to make something happen, when the chips are down and the lines are drawn, not just once, twice or three times.

But every time, they never stop, never give up, always push forward – these are the Renegades By Design

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