Someone isn’t going to like how you coded that interface today.

The latest chapter of your book is going to be ripped apart for the plethora of grammar errors running through it.

What you thought was a good document, will be dissected and discarded.

All that studying you put in, was on the wrong chapter.

Your email etiquette just didn’t make the cut today.

Years of slaving away on that product was torn apart by one of our trial sites and shared with everyone.

Each time you went to kick the ball, someone told you to do it a completely different way to the point you now don’t know how to kick anymore.

All your sketches have big heads and small bodies.

The glare on your photos is too overpowering.

And the list goes on and on and on and on.  We’ve all had it, that day or week where nothing went right and for all your efforts you just couldn’t string two wins together.  Maybe the critics got you down, maybe they kept you down, but now it’s a new day, new week and it’s time to dust off and get back in there.

Besides, if we don’t try something new then the critics don’t have anything to talk about do they?


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