It’s not a tough question – Who do you report to?

If you’re not in the position of lead, I would imagine you might say to your Team Lead or Manager – a perfectly acceptable choice.

But if you are a Team Lead or Manager responsible for those on your team and you answered your Manager or Director…

Then I would say you are wrong.

A Great Lead reports to the people on their team, working with them to garner feedback on how they are doing and where they need to improve, identifying strengths and weaknesses in themselves that they either need to capitalize on or work to get better at.  The people on your team hopefully look up to you and you should as well, they have as much to offer to you as you to them.

An organization chart is made up of hard-lines of reporting structures, but it’s the overlay of dotted lines that scatter the diagram that reveal not only the true structure but the one that binds the organization together and if you look closely, the arrows can go in a variety of directions.

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