You know all that great code you wrote last night when you were “in the zone”?  Or all those spreadsheets and budget files you’ve been working on for the past few weeks that amount to not an hour, but hours and hours, almost full days of work?

Still not feeling it?

Take something really important from your current device of choice – your computer, laptop, phone, whatever – the most important thing you can think of and imagine it is now gone.

Feel that pit growing in your stomach?

Now go, look online for someone, anyone that restores that kind of stuff, the places that know all the wizardry required to undelete something.

Get a quote for home much it is.

Now go look at something easy and cheap like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box (why do all these places have either a box or drive in their name)?  Can they do what you need for free?  For a few bucks a year?

Can they give you that piece of mind so you don’t ever have to worry about any of this for a long, long time?

Is it hard to configure?  Maybe.

Is it boring?  Probably.

Can it make that feeling in your stomach go away?

For sure.

But can you backup yourself?

Great, now take all the thinking you just did in the above and apply it your role, in your job, whose your backup, who can take over when you are not there.  Do you still feel the need to go in because you are the ONLY one that can get it done?

Great, acceptance is the first step, now go figure out a way to back yourself up in case you get sick or go on vacation.  The best validation for doing your job as a lead correctly is when you leave and everything hums along smoothly while you’re gone.  When that happens, when you are no longer worrying about your backup, all of a sudden you have a whole new world of opportunities in front of you.

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