There are many tells to when we all think someone is going to leave and there is no right “tell” as we all have our own version of Spidey Sense.

But here it is for me – when someone gets quiet and stops offering new ideas – you know something is amiss.  When they would rather not partake in the discussion but instead go along with it.  When their previous mantra of change has now been replaced with a mantra of “okay” you know that the passion has left the building.

Now is the time to get worried.

Are they forgone?  Should you write them off when these symptoms start to emerge?

Would you cut off your nose when you felt a sniffle coming on?


You engage, you question, you force the interaction and you dig into the real reason for any of these to emerge.  You try to deal with the sniffles before it becomes a full-blown cold that no amount of medication can help.

Someone leaving is not a symptom, it’s an effect, brought on my many causes and only you have the ability to diagnose it before you need to cut the nose off.

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