How fast can you really go?


While recently on a very long road trip, I spent a lot of time staring at my odometer to make sure I was going within the proper speed limits on our journey.  During this time, I kept noticing how I’d be going 100 (ish) km but the odometer could go to 240km.

With everything loaded up in the vehicle, could I really go that fast?

With nothing in the vehicle, could I really go that fast?

Will I ever be able to that fast?

So – at this point, I have a flashing sign saying “YOU CAN GO THIS FAST” constantly whenever I drive, reminding me that I could be here, but I can only achieve here at this time.

So the question now becomes, how fast can I really go if I’m the vehicle?  How fast can your team go?  How fast can your ideas spread?

Why fast?  Why not?  We all know how slow we can go.

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