When I was in university, I remember one of my teachers asking the class…

“Does a leader need to know the business they are in to lead?”

No middle-ground, no sitting on fences – YES or NO.

The answer is/was No.  Sure it helps to have some background knowledge in the business and industry, but it’s not required, it’s not a necessity.

So what do they need if not knowledge of the business?

They need to be inspired as to what they are doing, whether it’s taking that inspiration from their team, projects or work, they need to feel inspired. It’s only then, that they can really do all the myriad of other things that come along with leading and being a part of 2, 10 or 1,000 person teams.

Who are these leaders?  What level of inspiration must they have?

We know who they are.  They’re the ones that make us put down our phone and listen while perched on the end of our seat. The ones that say words that resonate to our core and push us to action when all we want to do is rest and take it easy.

The ones that inspire through desire and will.

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