Ever watch an athlete hit their stride in their game? No matter what they do, they can’t be stopped – need 2 more goals, here are 3, behind by 4, let me give you 6 for good measure.

No matter what the other team does, they simply cannot stop that person’s stride, motion, and overall inertia. They are being driven by a force we don’t know and can’t control (nor should we ever attempt to).

Same in the office – you know when someone is in their Stride – when they’re moving at a pace that’s not destined for burnout or fallout but on their way to achieving something that much bigger.

Just like athletes, when we hit these strides, enter these zones, the outcome is always our A game. It’s the best feeling in the world when we are not being held back by anything and achieve everything we want and need to.

The goal then becomes to find this feeling… EVERY… SINGLE… DAY.

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