If you are not there to make the presentation that you have slaved over for months, will people still recognize and appreciate that it was done by you and not the stand in?

How much does it matter if they don’t?

The people who don’t know you will assume (their mistake) that it is the presenter who has done everything.

The people who do you know you, will see your touch, your fingerprints, your passion all over it and they will know without a doubt whose work they are looking at but is being presented by someone else.

The question then becomes does it matter?

Does it matter that the people who already chose not to ask know;

  • Who did the work?
  • How did it happen?
  • How does it work beyond the powerpoint?

Really matter.

Is it going to change what you do, what you work on and what you create next?

Probably not.

Probably not, so instead of focusing on who gets the credit, focus on what you are going to build next.

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