I have found that the best way to learn from those that are better than you is definitely not to do any of the following;

  • Show them what you know first.
  • Acknowledge that you are already doing everything they are saying.
  • Push them to merely “get to the point”.
  • Argue with them.

You are there to learn (accept that), one of the best ways to learn is to watch those people in action (how they work with a customer, how they interact on social media, how they draw the feet, etc, etc) and be patient.  We all want to be the best, we all want to get there tomorrow, but we can’t.  Those that are the best have put in the hours, days, weeks, months, years of effort over and over again to become the best.

We often confuse learning from the best with getting approval from the best – when the latter could not be further from our objective at hand.

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