Have you ever had this happen?

You have your own internal sense of what being “Complete” is.

What you need to check the box and say “I’m here, I did it.”

But then someone comes along and sees what you are doing and they scoff… they scoff so loud that it shakes everything about what you thought was right and now are a complete jumble of up, down and all around.

What was your perfect Sense of Complete has now been thrown to the wolves?

When this happens you only have one option – redefine your sense of completed and keep going, acknowledge the scoff, double-down and refocus where you are headed.

The problem you now have is that we (you and I) take so long questioning, debating and worrying about which path to take that we never get back to our Sense of Completed and instead trade it in for another venture, never having finished the first, but now waiting for our Sense of Completed to get messed with yet again and repeat the cycle again and again.

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