It’s easy to get flustered by someone next to you that is ripping through the code, their keyboard is on fire and they are knocking off bugs faster than you can open them.


Take a piece of paper right now and split it into two sides, with the following headings – “Who Cares?” and “Why does it matter?”.

Fill in the one column with the people that really care about speed and the other with why does it matter to them that this person is going so fast.

Are these people that matter to you and appreciate your work?

Probably not.  Most likely they are interested in speed and delivery as metrics but not with the ensuing mess that comes thereafter.

And the mess always comes, the person that does it fastest;

  • Never learns the right way to accomplish the task.
  • Always has to clean up again and again and again because it never worked right the first time.
  • Doesn’t care to follow-up with the customer or client to make sure that it really worked as expected.

Fastest to the Mess only means you got their first, what condition you made it in is anybody’s guess.

I don’t need to tell you the opposite of this, you’re already doing it, but hopefully, now you can start ignore the ones that are the fastest.

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