It used to be that you if you wanted to go see the latest release of a particular movie you would have to wait in line. (I did this once)

And if you got there and there were no tickets, you had to figure out what you were going to do as you waited for the next show to start.

And even if you bought your tickets, and were late getting back to the theatre (because maybe you were enjoying that drink with your friends) when you got to the theatre you had to separate because there were no rows of 7 seats left.

So you squished between some people you never met and enjoyed the film with a couple of unknowns, laughing as you tried to figure out what cupholder was yours.

And then afterwards, you’d get together with your friends and talk about the best parts and laugh together again at the best parts (or cry depending on the film).

And you’d get home and think – “Wow, this all happened because we were 10 minutes late getting there”.

We like the convenience of updated theatres, waiters who bring you food, pre-assigned seating and large reclining chairs – but we’ve given up the last minute adventure as a result.

It’s not about which ones better, it’s about which one resonates with you more and in building a product, what’s the story that you want to resonate with your customers?

The adventure or the convenience?

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