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Superstar’s Lament


We all have that one person on our team that is always getting it done.

The work they do is unparalleled.

They see through the trees to get to the forest.

They read a short blog and know what to do.

Where they start is where others give up.

But the worst part of being a Superstar?

Is that we constantly overload them.

We keep giving them more work to do.

We keep pouring it on because “only they can do it”.

We ignore their requests to move onto something else and try something new.

What we should be doing, is figuring out how to challenge them, not through more work but through whatever they are looking to challenge themselves with.

And that’s the hard part because we don’t know and maybe they don’t know and then we have to figure it out together.

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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