Stan Lee passed away on Monday.

Much has been posted on the work he was a part of with the Marvel movies that have become a mainstay of theaters for the last few years.

But I knew of him way before that, when he was doing work for work and not for movies.  When he was creating the universe that so many enjoy today.  

It took over 30 years to create that universe along with many other visionaries that added their own flare to it.  His cameos were cute and introduced him to a completely new audience, but his work, his real work is the comics he created along with Jacky Kirby, Len Wein and Gil Kane that shaped the minds, hopes, and dreams of so many. 

Last night I read some of his older work and last pieces.  One of his later stories on the Silver Surfer Parable – is an incredible read – with so many parallels to where we are now.

Time to stop worrying about what you can accomplish in a week and start focusing on what you will accomplish in the next 20 years.

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