A few weeks ago I was waiting for my morning drink while watching the staff behind the counter work furiously to fulfill orders.  All the while the lines were getting longer and longer.

So where were all the orders coming from?

Mobile of course – people would place the order, walk down, pick it up and avoid all the lines.

Smart for the customer, great for the customer (I’ve even been switching as of late).

But bad for the store.

Bad for the store when you have people who have taken the time to come in for the experience, to smell the aroma, to linger and chat with friends only to have to wait in long lines as people who have placed no investment in you come in and leave.

If the goal is to go 100% mobile than do it, do it today, do it right now, close your door and commit.

But if you’re going half-and-half in your delivery model, make sure you’re not forgetting the half that’s showing up for the experience.

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