We’ve all been on the highway, driving in our own lane, minding our own business making our way to our destination when all of a sudden we have someone come up from behind and start getting closer and closer.

And from there the pressure starts to mount.

To go a little faster.

To look back and see what the other person is doing.

To second guess ourself if we are doing anything wrong.

To maybe be a little more careless with others as we try to satisfy that one person who is now “on us”.

But is this person your customer?

Do they matter to the project?

Do they care about what is going on and how you are getting there versus just getting there?

Does this sound like a project you might be on where the pressure is manufactured but doesn’t really exist?

Whether in your car or on your project you have two options;

  1. Move out of the way and let them barrel through to the next person (because there is always a next person).
  2. Force them to slow down and see what you are doing.

Number two is interesting and harder to do because often times the person behind you does not see what you see. But when they get in front of you and see what you are doing and why you are doing it. They immediately do the one thing that you were already doing.

Slow down.

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