Write down the good, the bad and the ugly.

As it happens, when it happens.

Then when faced with a similar problem, go back and read what you wrote;

  • How you acted.
  • What you tried.
  • Who helped you.

Next time presented with the same scenario, read what you did and now ask yourself these questions

  • How should I act now
  • What should I try now
  • Who do I need help from to make this a success this time.

The journal isn’t meant to itemize your failures, it’s there to record your mindset so when you consult it again you can remember – this is what I did wrong, this is what I should have, this is what I will do.

Your writing might be angry or bitter when you write it down the first time – great, take that tone and transform it into something better.

No one wants to repeat the same mistakes twice, but we sure to ignore the past too often to make it look like we do.

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