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Past Mistakes


If we started every day going through a list of our own past mistakes and failures – reading through that list of everything we had done wrong over the past year, 5 years or more – what mindset would that put you in for the rest of the day?

How would you attack each new problem or opportunity that comes your way?





All of the Above (most likely).

Everyone wants to encourage failure on their team and support their team’s growth – everyone is great at talking about it and espousing that they encourage everyone to try and fail again and again.

But only a few remember that there is no value in reminding people of what their past mistakes were and how they “messed” it up last time. It kills the team dynamic and growth of the individual while re-emphasizing a reminder that “failure is encouraged, but will also be reminded of if you don’t succeed”.

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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