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The Magic is in the Upgrade


How many software upgrades have you gone through in your life?

Your home PC?

Your phone?

Your tablet?

Your work PC?

If you’re deep in server farms? How many of them have you gone through?

Whatever, the case, the magic is in the upgrade.

It’s in the time that the company put into making the software great and functioning that matters.

You can tell how much they put into before you even start the process.

  1. Are you presented with documentation before you start or when something goes wrong?
  2. Do you have to go find the documentation when things go sideways and find it on a lark?
  3. Are there additional patches and upgrades you need when only talking to support?

The process, the path, the magic in upgrading your software is what separates the great software from the ones we want to throw out.

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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