That’s how many posts I’ve written since I started this blog – that’s a Milestone.

I started it in 2014, in Seattle while eating a burger. At that time I was doing something akin to one blog a week.

After attending the first cycle of the altMBA I kicked that up to posting 5 days a week.

I don’t write every day, I do use the scheduling function in wordpress to keep me sane and to give me some padding for those busy months when I’m overloaded.

(this post might not be THE 1000th post as I do slip in work and adjust schedules on the fly)

I’ve had writers block.

I’ve written posts that were painfully amateurish.

I’ve illustrated the use of poor grammar and spelling (thank you Grammarly).

I’ve made mistakes in scheduling and missed days (even though something was ready).

I’ve looked back at what I wrote and wondered what I was thinking.

And yet, here I am.

On to the next thousand.

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