We can all agree that plans are meant to be broken.

We’re not meant to follow them to the letter, they are guides, ideas, paths, suggestions on how we want to get there.

Some steps were good ideas at the beginning, but at the end are now irrelevant and would be time wasters. 

We know this when we’re in the middle of this, when everything is changing and the plan has to adjust – we accept it.

But at the beginning, when it’s all new, we become slaves to our plan, to trying to get people to do it our way, to follow our plan to the letter.  We spend hours of back and forth to get all the steps right even though all we need is a direction.

Planning is good, but if it takes 15 hours of to get people on board with the plan, that’s 14 hours you could have spent on shipping your project. 

Realize your plan is a guide, it’s not cut in stone, it’s a plan and what it everyone needs to get on board with is the direction and the first steps, after that, you can iterate, re-develop, update along the way, and you should be able to do that in less than an hour.

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