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LinkedIn published this list of the Top Companies to work for in Canada.

I’m not sure what the criteria was to be on the list but I have a hard-time believing that the Top 9 Companies are all financial.

The problem with these lists is that we worry about not being on the list so we tweak our message to get on the list (when it might not even be possible). We want to be among the companies on the list so we can be represented the same way and with the same visibility.

But perhaps the issue isn’t that we aren’t on the list, but that we’re fighting for the wrong list to be a part of.

Perhaps what we need to do is define our own list and measure ourselves against that (especially if it’s in a niche).

I have a friend who works for a hearing aid company – they have a different list to be a part of, different from the company of three or four that’s trying to ship a new cloud platform.

Don’t work to get on a list, work to define your own list.

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Rambli Just my thoughts…

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