No one knows everything about anything and if you work hard enough, you can figure out what they don’t know.

For this reason, programming tests in Interviews are a lost cause because what they focus on is the application of memory and not methodical approach to solving something you don’t know.

When someone doesn’t know the answer, I want to know what they are going to do to look it up;

  1. Google it.
  2. Podcast it.
  3. StackOverflow it.
  4. MSDN it.
  5. Slack it.
  6. Reach out a peer.
  7. Call a friend.

All of these pieces are methods to solving problems that are constantly being refined.

Just the other day I was using a collection I had been using for years and was looking up how best to implement and instantiate with a base set of items as a static variable (having never done it). If this was a test, it would have been a fail for me, but I figured it out and made the code sing.

Unless your developers are in a room with no windows and internet, stop testing their memory and start testing their application to problem solving.

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